Brief New Member's Guide to CMZC

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Brief New Member's Guide to CMZC

Postby Huzer21 » Tue Jan 29, 2008 9:14

Ok, you've got your Mazda and you found us! Now what? Below are a few links to get you started at Colorado Mazda Club.

With any online forum, the first thing you'll be asked for are pictures of your ride. We don't care if it's stock, a heap behind the barn, or a show car, post some pictures! The great place to do that is in our gallery, which you can find here. Pictures from CMZC meets are also posted in the gallery. Check 'em out! You also have the ability to link to pictures in the gallery.

And what's a car club without its meets. Be sure to check out posts in the Meets section of the forum. You'll find info about when and where meets will be held, and you're more than welcome to provide input as well. The bulk of our members are from either the Denver metro region, or Colorado Springs. To see meets specific to those areas, be sure to check out the subforums. When dates and locations are confirmed, meets will be placed in the club Calendar as well. Check out our weekly Sonic Meets in both Denver and Colorado Springs.

On the main page of the site,, you'll also find useful information. There's a searchable database for Mazda installation instructions in the Tech Corner. There's also a merchandise section for your CMZC gear. We also publish a monthly Newsletter, and have a Featured User section (coming soon). Be sure to also check out our MySpace page.

Any questions you may have about the club or the site look here and here. Any suggestions for the site you may have post here.
Welcome to CMZC!

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