The Evo!

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The Evo!

Postby Mortose » Fri Jan 29, 2016 9:14

Long time no post! Sorry I've been a ghost, but with this site migrating, I lost touch. So, here is what's going on: the motor decided it didn't want to work right any more, so she is getting built!! Here is the progress and back-story:

So, basic info:
2011 Evo X GSR. (None of that flappy paddle mess, lol)
Purchased about 2 years ago in the springs.
Came with a mishimoto upgraded radiator, an engine bay dress up kit, and tein lowering springs. Beyond that I couldn't tell the most anything else was touched. So, being my first evo (and awd platform) I made my way to the track 4 days later! Lol

From moment one I knew I was going to mod this car. I needed more fast! Previous car was a 400+ whp mazdaspeed3.

So over the course of the first year I started gathering parts for a full bolt on setup. Mostly ETS stuff.

After installing everything, I got a great tune from Chet Rickerman! Car ran like a dream up until one day I was cruising down the road, did a half throttle pull and BAM! felt like I hit a wall, and no boost. Car ran fine just wouldn't get past 3 mmhg. So I limp it home and get down and dirty trying to figure out what it is. Firth thought was a blown coupler. After checking damn near everything else, I reach in to find the turbo blades refuse to spin AT ALL!
Blades bit down on the hot side and the bearings were seized inside as well as some seals that were supposed to be there weren't. Lol

It just so happens that I bought a bbx full 3 days prior to this happening, so I guess it was just ment to be. At this point I needed fueling for the new snail.

After installing all of that, and the turbo, re-tuned and she was running great.

This is also the point that I realized that the car had been heavily modded. Most likely larger turbo and full bolt ons. Kudos to the previous owner for a decent stock out job.

After that I did some visual stuff.....

Then the mod bug bit again with some peer pressure. Lol. My roommate swapped to e85 and saw a major differance, so I decided to switch as well. Insert ANOTHER fantastic tune by Chet.

About a month later, cruising home from denver, car starts acting odd. Won't gain revs under wot, felt like boost cut, and lean ass AFR'S. Well, the fix: aeromotive stealth 340 to replace the failing aem unit. Barring some hickups, car was back up and running.

Fast forward a month and I'm commuting to and from denver all week and on my way home, I run across a douchey STi. He does a couple revs to make his bov pop off, so I decide to enlighten him to the mistake he was about to make. At this point he decides to get off the road and I look down to find I had hit a substantial knock level. So I reset the counter and drive along normally. I notice I'm getting ridiculous amounts of knock around the boost threshold and low load levels. I man up and do a wot pull. She pulls fine and only a bit of knock as the run started. Two days later I take the car out for date night and try giving it the beans only to find its knocking all over the place. So I mosey home and don't touch it for a week. The next Saturday comes and I dive in. Plugs looked fine but I got some just in case. Then, a compression test. Bum bum bummmmmm low compression in cyl 2.

So my hand has been forced. And Mr. Rickerman will be helping me out.

Set to go in are Weisco pistons, bc rods, Gsc s2 cams, GSC beehive valve springs w/titanium retainers, MAPerformance cast exhaust manifold, ID 1300 cc injectors, Arp head and main studs, ACL main bearings, king racing rod bearings, ACT 6-puck sprung clutch, MAPerformance upgraded clutch cylinder, and a bunch of oe stuff. Lol


The block is currently at the machine shop getting cleaned up. Fingers crossed my tuner/builder has it back early next week!

Big thanks to Ethan at STM for the parts, and Chet Rickerman for all the help and answering my dumb questions!!

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Re: The Evo!

Postby RX-7 Chris » Mon Feb 01, 2016 9:14

Sounds like you've been busy.
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